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5 Most Common Challenges Moms Face

1. My child refuses to go to school

School refusal and anxiety can be due to several factors, like having no friends at school, being bullied, having learning difficulties, etc. Therefore, the first thing to do is consider that your child’s behavior is communicating that something is wrong.

a. Talk to your child and try to understand how was his day at school and how does he feel

b. Communicate with your child’s teacher and see what she could be observing

c. Ask for a school meeting

d. Try different strategies in the morning to encourage your child to go to school (ask Questions and be enthusiastic, teach them the benefits of education…)

2. My child refuses to have breakfast before school

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Studies have shown that children who eat breakfast perform and behave better at school than children who don't. So it is very important to encourage your child to eat breakfast in the morning but make sure not to force him. Here are some tips to encourage him better have breakfast everyday:

a. Start small: Prepare a moderate breakfast meal such as: piece of fruit, some cheese cubes, or a cup of low-fat yogurt.

b. Provide the cereals he usually likes, for example chocolate flavored cereals, such as Nestlé Nesquik, not only taste great but are made from wholegrains as their number one ingredient and are rich in essential vitamins such as Vitamin B1, B2 and B3,Iron, Calcium and fiber.

c. Join your child on breakfast: Being role models as parents has proven effective for instilling good eating behaviors and habits.

3. My child does not focus in class

It is always a challenge to draw children attention in class and to make them focus Try to find out what is especially distracting for your child so you can help him avoid those distractions. Try these tips to help him focus better:

a. Work with your child’s teacher to make sure you understand the causes.

b. Your child may do well with a quiet space so talk to his teacher to seat him away from loud or distracting classmates.

c. Ask the teacher to give him more attention by alerting him when he daydreams.

d. Provide your child with a healthy balanced breakfast rich in essential nutrients such as Nestlé Nesquik wholegrain cereals which provides Iron and B-Vitamins important to provide adequate energy that would help your child be focused and alert along with milk and fruits.

4. My child is having behavior problems at school

If a child is acting out in school, it is either that he is having strong feelings and needs a hand with getting those feelings out, or that something in school is really bothering him.

a. Assess the situation: start by spending time in your child's classroom to see what's going on.

b. Check out your child's relationship with the teacher: this basic dynamic can make or break a child's experience in the classroom.

c. Work closely with his teacher on finding common ground.

d. Provide him with emotional assurance: remind your child that you care about him and you will always support him.

5. My child is always tired after school

It is fairly normal that kids get tired after school, which is why parents need to make sure their children are being given adequate nutrition, are having enough sleep and are participating in moderate after school activities.
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